NanoCore - Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research in Singapore

NanoCore is an interdisciplinary research collaboration in the science and technology of the nano-scale. It is led by its Director Venky Venkatesan. NanoCore is generously funded by the National University of Singapore and is housed on the top floor of the Temasek building. NanoCore is open to research staff and students who want to work across traditional scientific and engineering disciplines to achieve progress in the technology on the nanoscale. Special emphasis is put on entrepreneurship and technology transfer. Please browse the links or contact us to know more.

PhD Program

Excellent students from all scientific and engineering disciplines are welcome to apply for NanoCore PhD scholarships. Please check our career section and contact us if you see a fit.

Highlight - Available Facilitites

Among its many facilities, NanoCore has a state of the art Scanning Helium Ion Microscope (shown below on the left) which can be used to image samples (including non-coated biological samples) to resolutions of less than 1 nm. The Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS, shown below on the right) on the NUS campus can be used for materials charazterization and fabrication, including x-ray characterization of biological specimens.

NanoCore at Temasek Lab

Funded and Hosted by NUS